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About our company

Myers Roof Repair is a state certified roofing contractor that specializes in roof repair, roof maintenance, and roof coatings.

DEPENDABLE.....We at Myers Roof Repair realize how busy you are and that you have more important things to do, than concern yourself about your Roofing Co. doing their job. You will find working with Myers Roof Repair to be an absolutely delightful experience. Which is one of the reasons we specialize in HAPPY CLIENTS.


CLEAN AND COURTEOUS.....Myers Roof Repair mechanics work swiftly and professionally. You will appreciate the way you and your customers are treated. We give you a specific, easy to understand scope of work to be completed. NO JOB TO SMALL.

 Myers Roof Repair..... Is Family Owned and Operated and was established  in1990, or has been in business for over 26 years.


Never use sub contractors.....One call brings a roofer not a salesman.....No high pressure salesman to try to sell you something you don't actually need.

PROMPT SERVICE..... Myers Roof Repair offers prompt service to Property Owners,Management Companies, Commercial Property Owners, Apartment Bldgs., Condo Assns., Shopping Centers, Etc.


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.....Myers Roof Repair guarantees all of our Roof Repair Work in writing for one year.....It all adds up to a level of satisfaction only Myers Roof Repair can offer you. A guarantee that we stand behind on every job. References gladly given upon request.

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